Solitaire Story is a card game based off of classic pyramid solitaire, but takes place in a land of witches, dragons, and trick cards. Follow Dex the Dragon as he guides you through this fantasy realm and try to beat the witch’s puzzles! Every chapter introduces new landscapes and challenges for you and your friends.


As in classic solitaire, the main rule is to clear basic cards that are one point higher or lower than the topmost card on the build pile. Color suit doesn’t matter.

Cards on the back layer are dimmed when “trapped” under clickable cards on the front layer. For example, cards on the back layer (such as K and Q in the above image) are not clickable until the cards on top of them (5, 2, J) are removed.

When no moves are possible, a new card may be turned over from the face-down draw pile, located at the left of the build pile. The player can also use a Joker card, the undo button, and special in-game boosters to complete the game.

The overall aim of the game is to complete the tasks at each level and make progress on the map. Every level is designed with multiple solutions. However, to pass a certain level, players are asked to complete a specific level task and score enough points to earn at least one Star.

Every level has a different amount of cards to be cleared and a draw pile of a predetermined size. Additionally, each level costs 1 Life to play. To increase the chances of completing a level with a high score, players are offered Boosters that can be purchased during each level, prior to starting a level, or in the Shop.

If the player fails to earn at least one Star with the given deck, extra cards can be purchased when the deck runs out. Alternatively, the player can give up and end the level without receiving points or Stars.

Upon ending a level, the player can restart from the beginning at the expense of 1 Life.


Solitaire Story has three in-game units: Lives, Coins, and Rubies.


Rubies are Solitaire Story's "hard" currency. They are used to purchase Coins and Lives or special In-Game Boosters. They can be purchased through the "Add Rubies" popup.


Lives are collected through a timed refill (1 Life every 30 minutes) and are limited to a finite number that can be increased using Permanent Boosters, which will be described later on. Players need Lives to play a level, and each level costs 1 Life to play. Bear in mind that ending a level early or failing a level will still cost 1 Life. They can be purchased through the “Add Lives” popup using Rubies. Alternatively, players can “Ask Friends” for more Lives free of cost.


Coins are Solitaire Story’s “soft” currency. Coins are used to purchase Temporary Boosters. Coins can be earned through clearing more cards and unlocking new episodes. They can also be purchased through the “Add Coins” popup using Rubies.


Witch Cards

Although functioning in the same way as Basic Cards, Witch Cards are the single most important cards in each level. In order to complete a level, they must be cleared. The level will automatically finish once the Witch Cards are cleared. There may be multiple Witch Cards on one level.


Jokers can be cleared at any value. Once on the build pile, any card from the board can be cleared onto a Joker. They can be found next to the build pile and extras may be purchased prior to starting a level or after the deck runs out.


Trick Cards challenge players by adding certain obstacles to completing a level and reaching target cards. They have two different appearances according to the layer they are on, with those on the back layer indicated by a small symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the card.

Key Cards

Although Key Cards function as Basic Cards, they must be played in order to unlock Locked Cards.

Locked Cards

This card can only become Basic with the appropriate Key. There are 4 different Lock Cards that correspond to four Key Cards of the same suits and colors.

Veiled Cards

This card is covered by the witch’s cloak, which makes the number invisible. Every click the state of a veiled card alternates; it is only clearable when the veil is removed.

Smoky Cards

This card is surrounded by smoke but its number is visible. On the first click, the smoke is removed and the card becomes Basic on the second click.

Dark Smoky Cards

This card is surrounded by smoke but its number is visible. On the first click, the smoke becomes lighter. On the second click, the smoke is removed and the card becomes clearable.

Time Bomb Cards

If this card is not cleared within three clicks, it will become a Dark Smoky Card.

Broomstick Cards

This card requires a chain of two moves in order to be cleared. To symbolize this, it has two broomsticks on it. The broomsticks return if the card is not cleared when they are gone.

Owl Cards

This card requires a chain of three moves in order to become Basic. To symbolize this, it has three owls on it. On the first successful click, the first owl disappears. On the second click, the second owl disappears. On the third click, the third owl is removed and the card becomes playable. However, the owl returns if the card is not cleared once the owls are gone.

Glove Cards

The Glove Cards have a glove which counts your moves. If this card is not cleared within five clicks, its number will change.

Joker Cards

Joker cards represent any card in the deck and be cleared at any point during the game.

Pink Veiled Cards

Pink Veiled Cards change their value on every click. Although you can always clear them on the first click, their value will be different when the curtain disappears.

Countdown Cards

Countdown Cards have a clock on them and can only be cleared when the countdown ends.

Mystery Cards

When clicked, Mystery Cards change into the value displayed on the Build Pile.


There are three types of boosters in Solitaire Story: Temporary, Permanent, and In-Game.

Temporary Boosters

These boosters can be purchased for Coins prior to starting a level and are available for one-time use (except +2 Cards Boosters, which can be collected by asking friends).

  • +5 Cards adds 5 extra cards to the deck.
  • Extra Joker gives the player 1 extra joker.
  • More Score increases the points earned from each card by 20%.
  • +2 Cards are collected from Solitaire Story friends and add 2 extra cards to the deck.

Permanent Boosters

Permanent boosters can be purchased in the Shop with Rubies. Once purchased, the effect of these boosters is permanent and will be applied at all times.

  • Double Coin doubles the amount of the Coins rewarded per play.
  • Card Flip reveals all the cards that are dealt face down.
  • Hint highlights all possible moves during play.
  • Max Life increases a player's maximum life by 3 hearts.
  • Card Bonus increases the points earned from each card by 30%.
  • Undo makes it always possible to undo your last turn from the deck.

In-Game Boosters

In-game boosters may be purchased during a level at the top right-hand corner of the screen. They are sold in packs of nine and can be used until they run out. In order from left to right:

  • Shuffler is used to change the position of all cards.
  • Claw allows you to drag any card of your choice to the build pile.
  • Magic Wand changes the number of any card, making it clearable.
  • Flame erases a card of your choice.


The dragon’s egg can be found in the lower right-hand side of the level screen. The egg contains surprise gifts that can be won after racking up a chain bonus (clearing five cards). Every time you make a move other than clearing a card, the bonus goes down by 1. If you use the Undo button, your bonus is erased. Gifts that can be won are +1 card, +2 cards, +3 cards, and Extra Joker.


Further in the game, Solitaire Story features a Gate to every episode. New episodes start every 10 levels. The first gate is free to pass, but starting from level 20, players will either need help from friends or enough Stars to go through. You may also use Rubies to pass Gates.

Torches to Pass

Starting at level 21, players must Ask Friends for Torches. Torches help light the way to new levels. To request a Torch, simply select the friends you’d like to ask from the Neighbors window. Your friends must then accept your requests in order for their Torches to count.

Stars to Pass

Stars can be collected by playing older levels again to get a higher score. Doing this will also increase you chances of beating your friends’ scores and appearing on the leaderboard.


In addition to passing levels and advancing along the map, players compete for a position on the leaderboard, which shows the scores of their friends who also play Solitaire Story.

Tips for earning a higher score:

  • Each remaining card in your draw pile adds 100 extra points to your score. Collecting extra cards from friends and purchasing the +5 Cards Booster will also give you a chance to earn more points.
  • By clearing cards consecutively, you’ll rack up a Chain Bonus, which increases the amount of points you earn from clearing cards.
  • Having more friends in the game can help you accumulate Lives faster and earn more Coins every day.
  • The Shop offers very valuable Permanent Boosters that can dramatically increase your progress and help you beat levels faster.
  • If you’re stuck, using In-Game Boosters is one of the easiest ways to keep playing and pass the level.
  • Buying Unlimited Lives from the Shop is the most economic way to play. Play without limits!

Each level has its own leaderboard. There is also a leaderboard on which players are ranked according to the total number of stars they achieved.


Inviting more friends to Solitaire Story will benefit you as you try to progress along the map. You can invite friends by using the “Invite Friend” button in the friends’ bar.

You can help your friends in various ways in Solitaire Story. Clicking their pictures in the friends’ bar allows you to send Coins. Clicking your friends’ image along the map allows you to send 1 Life to that friend. Both actions can be performed once per day.

If you run out of Lives, asking friends for help is an easy way to get more for free. By selecting the appropriate tab, players can choose to ask All Friends or just Solitaire Story Friends for extra Lives.

Having more friends also allows you to progress further on the map. You’ll need them to help you move on to future episodes.


Purchasing Diamonds, Coins or special items is executed through a secure payment system. All of your information is kept safe. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information regarding to your privacy and security. If, by any chance, you experience a problem about not receiving the Fashland currency/item, please follow these steps:

Check your Facebook payments page first to make sure your payment is completed:

When you make sure your payment is completed in Facebook, contact the Solitaire Story team by using the Solitaire Story Forum or the Contact Us link below the game screen. They will examine your payment log and help you with your missing currency/items.

Loading Problems

Some players may experience problems with loading. When you realize loading takes too much time, you can try the suggestions below to improve your experience.

  • Try a different browser to play the game (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Try pressing CTRL + F5 to reload the page.
  • Try deleting the cache of your browser pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DEL.

If you receive an error message while the game is loading, please contact the Fashland team using the Solitaire Story Forum or the Contact Us link below the game screen.

If your Flash Player is not up-to-date, you will most probably receive a message telling you to update your Flash Player. In case you do not receive the warning, click here to check your Flash Player version and update if necessary.