Privacy Policy

Does Gamegos collect my personal information?

When you accept to play a game produced by Gamegos, you allow us to use some personal information, recorded on purpose in order to save some certain player data and to contact you when necessary. Your personal information helps us to provide you with the most efficient service. Before you start playing the game, you are asked to press the “Allow” button, which means, by playing a game produced by Gamegos, you allow us to collect, store and use your personal data.

Please find herebelow the list of what sort of information we collect from you:

  • first and last name
  • birthdate
  • gender
  • timezone
  • locale

Gamegos may use your e-mail address for announcements, promotional communication and for support. By playing our games on Facebook, you allow us to share your personal e-mail address.

Some of our games contain virtual currency and goods. If you purchase any of these virtual goods, we will collect the billing and financial information, depending on your paying method.

If you do not allow Gamegos to collect your personal information, you may not have an access to all services regarding to the game provided by Gamegos.

Does Gamegos use cookies or other means to collect information?

Gamegos uses Cookies to track your certain choices on the Internet. A “Cookie” is a small file (a record-keeper) which stores some information and therefore helps you to use the application more efficiently. Cookies may track your personal choices such as the virtual items you purchase, pages you visit or games you prefer to play. It measures the time you spend on each game. Cookies also help us to provide you with various ads, not showing the same ad one after another, and to make the application more intetersting to you.

Most browsers allow cookies when you open a website or an application. However, you can set your browser if you prefer not to be tracked by cookies. Please note that after disabling cookies, you may lose some functional properties regarding to the game. While you are playing the game, some other companies may also use cookies or other technologies to track your information.

Does Gamegos share my personally identifiable information?

Gamegos has a strict policy about not to share your personal information by a third party without your consent.

Can I access my personal information?

Gamegos will provide every security service to protect your personal information which is stored. Still, if you prefer to review, update or remove your personal information that is collected from you, please contact us via e-mail.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Gamegos reserves the right to make any changes in this Privacy Policy text. After certain changes, the updated version of the text will be published instead of the older one. In order to see the latest version of this text, you should pay a visit to this page from time to time. If and when a crucial information is added to the text, please make sure we will notify you about it via e-mail or by publishing the notification on the application page.

Please contact us if you do not agree, by any means, with this Privacy Policy text. By playing the game, you are considered to have accepted and agreed the articles given in this text.

The latest update date of this Privacy Policy text: April the 5th, 2012.

Contact Information

If and when you need to ask a question, express a complaint and share an information with Gamegos, please contact us via the Contact link below.